We want to bring the joy of candle making to everyone - whether you're close to a location or not, whether you want to throw a pouring party or have a relaxing night in, and everything in between! Check out our amazing options below to get in on the DIY action!


We have six locations to choose from if you want to come in and pour a candle with us + shop our retail! Customize your candle by choosing a vessel and fragrance that speaks to you. Our expert Paddywax Chandlers will work with you through the process, bringing you your wax and wicks and answer any questions you may have! Each candle pouring takes about 35-45 minutes. 


Not near one of our locations? Our at-home kits are the perfect solution. With options for just one, a date night, or a small group of friends, you can create your own at-home pouring party! You'll get to choose your fragrance, and we provide clear instructions for a successful pouring!


Looking to host a larger pouring party or virtual event? Our Virtual Kits are perfect for corporate events, bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more! This option allows you to customize individual kits to be sent to your group!


Can’t make it to a workshop? Let us be your Chandler! Choose your favorite classic Paddywax Candle Bar fragrance to be hand-poured by one of our Chandlers in this month’s highlighted vessel. Each month, a different collection will be taking the stage so come back to learn the stories behind each collection and why we love them! 


Already have a Paddywax vessel that you want to keep around, but the wax has run out? We've got two options for you! 1. Purchase a refill kit for one of our most popular vessels. We'll send you everything included in an at-home kit, but no vessel! OR 2. Our vessels were designed to be repurposed in your home! Check this blog for tips on how to reuse your vessel. 


If you don't want to fool with a thing, but love a good deal and keeping a candle burning, then you should join our Candle of the Month! This subscription service sends 1 candle to your doorstep each month! It will be a surprise, but we can guarantee it will be a deal - and if one month isn't your fave, just gift it to a pal!


Ever want to customize your own candle collection for your wedding, event, or small business? We've got you covered with Paddywax Small Batch. Give us your vision for your candle collection and we'll make your candle dreams come true!