Four Ways To Spark A Calm Vibe At Home

Four Ways To Spark A Calm Vibe At Home

Hello, friends! My name is Emilie and I'm the Events + Public Relations Manager for Paddywax Candle Bar. I've been with the Paddywax family of brands since 2016 and have loved all the people I've met and things I've learned through working here. I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful in even the tiniest way!

Social Distancing is in full swing across the country and things are feeling tense. When the outside world in high-stress mode, the last thing you want is to have your home follow suit. Below are my favorite ways to combat outside stresses by sparking a calm vibe at home! 

1. Tidy Up

When things begin to feel a bit overwhelming, take a moment to focus on what you do have control over. One thing that always makes me feel better is a quick tidy around the house. Clean off the coffee table, put away the dishes, fold a blanket and feel accomplished. It's the little things that can make a quick difference! 

2. Let the Light in

Nobody likes feeling cooped up or confined. The first thing I do in the morning is pour a hot cup of coffee and open the curtains. Something about a bright morning light shining into the house just makes me instantaneously cheery. Maybe it's the vitamin D seeping into the rug, the optical illusion that my 600 sq ft space is suddenly bigger, or maybe it's all in my head. All I know is that it works. Seriously - give it a go!

3. House Plants

Another great way to bring good outdoor vibes inside is through house plants! Whether they're nestled in a repurposed candle vessel, perched on a bookshelf or flourishing in a trendy planter, these little greenies are a great way to filter air and anxious emotion. Did you know you can even have house plants delivered straight to your door? 2020, man... what a time to be alive. Taking time to care for house plants is a great way to practice mindfulness, too! Carefully wiping leafy plants with a damp towel, moving them around the living room to chase the sunlight, or simply watering them can really put things into perspective. I can attest to that much for sure.

4. Light a Candle

You didn't think we'd write a whole blog on creating calm and not touch on the sense of smell did ya? Just let the fragrance of a freshly lit candle transport you. Whether to a spring garden, a tropical beach, or a wooded forest - close your eyes and let the aroma do all the work. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. A mental vacay is just a match strike away! 

And if you're worried about open flames in your home, check out our reed diffusers and essential oil options! 

I hope these easily executable vibe boosters brighten your day, even in the smallest of ways. What are some ways you create calm in your home? We'd love to hear from you!
Cheers, Emilie 

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