New Collabs live now! New Collabs live now!

Berry Hill Cocktail Shaking + Candle Making (Mar 18th 6-8 pm)

There’s more to St Patrick's Day than green beer. In this class, we’ll play with some of our favorite cocktail ingredients: gold glitter, rainbow garnishes, and Irish whiskey! Learn how to create 3 limited-edition cocktails and pour your very own custom candle!

What's Included: 🍀
  • One custom candle hand-poured by you
  • Three themed cocktails - Pot o' Gold, Shamrock Sour, Irish Mint Mojito
Looking for a stroke of good luck? Join the ladies of Fancy Sips + Candle Bar for this limited edition Collaborative Workshop! There are only 24 seats available - get yours while supplies last. 
*Collaborative Workshops are non-refundable*