The Boones

How a blind date in East Nashville turned into a date for life!

Paddywax Candle Bar will always be a very special place for my husband, Evan and me. We met on a blind date and, like all first dates, you're not sure what to expect. Evan had planned the whole thing. We had dinner and then made candles at Candle Bar. It was the most perfect first date! We had so much fun smelling all of the different scents and picking out which container we wanted to put them in. Then we poured our own candles and today, those same candles are still in our home proudly burning as a reminder of where our relationship began. We were very fortunate to even have small Custom Small Batch candles custom made and poured for our wedding as favors for our guests! Kelly, the Small Batch Manager, even helped us pick out every detail including customizing our scent for our favors to be the same scent we created together on our first date. We encourage everyone to make time for a date night at Candle Bar because it's the gift that keeps on giving. We still have all of our candles we've made over the years and our wedding guests still send us pictures of the candles from the wedding favors saying how much they love them and how they make them think of us. Candles have a way of bringing back memories and that's what Paddywax Candle Bar has done for us. It will always be a special place for us and now we continue to add to our candle collection on special events & anniversaries! 

- Mrs. Danielle Boone

Custom labels, fragrance selections, vessels and art styles flawlessly pair together to create the perfect wedding favors!

Evan + Danielle worked with our Custom Small Batch Designer to create a label that would pair perfectly with the aesthetic of their wedding. By incorporating colors found in their invitation suite, they did just that! 

After being presented with a total of 4 custom label designs, Evan + Danielle decided on their favorite! Then came the fun part for our team... pouring and hand labeling a candle for each and every wedding guest! It truly is a labor of love.