Pop in and shop around or pour a candle with us!

No reservations needed.


At our Gulch location, you can pop-in and pour a candle at any time, on your own time (during business hours, of course)! This means that when you're shopping around and decide it's a great day to pour a candle, you can! Just pop in and we'll get you started or sign you up if there's a short wait! 


408 11th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203


The Gulch location does not take reservations. However, we do offer reservations at our Berry Hill location, also in Nashville! You can make a reservation for our Berry Hill location here


Can I make a reservation?

Nope! Our Gulch location operates on a first come, first serve basis due to the high amounts of foot traffic in The Gulch and our current social distancing. We recommend getting there right when we open if you have a large group. We will give you a wait time when you check in and there is lots to do in the area while you wait around! 

Is there a time when you are less busy?

We can't predict how busy we are each day, but we do usually see Saturday as our busiest day with the longest wait times. We are happy to give you suggestions in the area for things to do while you wait, but you'll need to be able to head back when your seats are ready!

How long will I have to wait?

Again, we cannot predict wait times. When you get added to our waitlist, you will receive a text with a link to see your spot in line. We will send another text when your seats are available and we ask that you get back to us within 10 minutes of receiving that text.

How long does it take to pour?

Usually this process takes about 45 minutes, but you have an hour in the space. Once you've poured, the candles take 3 hours to cool, then you can come back and grab them! This is a perfect time to grab a meal and a drink or shop around The Gulch!

How much does it cost?

$40 covers the entire pouring process. We also will always have one rotating promotional vessel option for $30! We can also ship your candle to you for $12.