it was love at first 'light'! - our guests it was love at first 'light'! - our guests

Our candles. Your message. Introducing Custom Small Batch.

Our new Custom Small Batch program gives  you the ability to choose your own vessel, fragrance, art style, and text, creating the ultimate custom candle for whatever you’re celebrating.

How it works...



1. Vessel   2. Theme   3. Message   4. Fragrance

Pick a vessel.

First things first, we’ll need to know how many candles you need and what vessel works for you! We’ve curated a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so you’re bound to find something perfect.

Select your theme.

What’s the celebration? Choose from our designed art styles to match the aesthetic of your event. All colors can change to suit your fancy. Or, you can always upload your own art if you’ve got it!

What should it say?

What’s your message? Our design team will bring it together by adding your custom message to the packaging of the candle. Your name? Your logo? Your favorite catchphrase? Anything goes. We recommend keeping it short and sweet.

Choose a fragrance...

Our fragrances are expertly mixed with a soy wax blend in Nashville, TN. With a broad selection ranging across sweet, spicy, woody, and fresh, we know you’ll find something you love.

To make it easy, we’ll send you a pack of six samples! The hardest part will be choosing just one.

...and we'll do the rest. 

After submitting your order, we’ll reach out with a rendering of your custom label. We’ll also ship your fragrance samples! Yay! Upon approval, the design and production will promptly get going. We will get the order fulfilled, packaged, and shipped to you. Please allow 3–4 weeks for your candles to arrive before your event.